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Orthodontic Emergency

There are seldom any true emergencies from wearing braces. Orthodontic emergencies are usually discomfort caused from a poking wire, broken brackets and appliances. Most orthodontic problems can be taken care of at home. If you are having a problem with your braces you should call our office. We will then set up an appointment to see you as soon as possible for a repair or to remedy the discomfort. Listed below are some of the more common problems and some possible solutions to deal with the situation on a temporary basis until seen by an orthodontist.

Broken Band / Brackets

Broken or loose band/bracket are generally not considered an urgent problem in most cases. However, a phone call to the orthodontist is recommended. When a bracket comes off of a tooth, it is still normally attached to the wire with an elastics tie. This will prevent the bracket from being swallowed, but it may move or spin around on the wire. If this is a problem for the patient, a little wax pressed against the bracket will keep it from moving around until you see your orthodontist.

Poking Wire

Many times as the teeth move in the early phase of treatment, the wire used to straighten the teeth has no place to go except out the back of the molar band area. Fortunately, most times this can be handled at home very simply with some orthodontic wax. If wax does not resolve the pain, the orthodontist should be called so that the wire can be clipped.

Orthodontic Pain & Discomfort

Patients will have some pain and discomfort that occusr about 4-6 hours after the braces are placed or after an adjustment appointment. Over the next day or two, the pain will progressively become worse. Then, after days 3-5, the pain will begin to subside. We recommend over the counter pain medication if you experience the discomfort.


Significant dental injuries while in braces can happen. Home care is generally not recommended in these cases.

Loose Expander Appliance

If the appliance becomes loose, It would be best to call the orthodontist and follow their recommendations.

Lost/Broken Retainers

It is recommended to call the orthodontist and follow their recommendations. Your teeth will shift if you don't have/wear your retainers

Swallowing Braces and Appliances

Swallowing braces or other appliances used during orthodontic treatment tends to occur relatively infrequently. This is because the braces and bands are normally still attached to the wire if they become loosened from a tooth. However, if it does occur, it is best to seek advice from the orthodontist and physician right away. Fortunately, the braces and rubber bands used for orthodontic treatment are quite small, and the patient will usually pass them without difficulty.

Mouth Sores

The braces have a tendency to feel rough against the cheeks, lips, and tongue, especially soon after the braces are placed. This will sometimes lead to soreness and cause discomfort. The tissues will develop a callous over time, so this becomes less of a problem while treatment progresses. In the initial stages of treatment, wax can be used in areas that are particularly painful. Also temporary pain relief can also be obtained with topical anesthetics (i.e. Orabase®).
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